YOU WILL NOT FAIL: "If you follow this program you will add significant height to your vertical leap."

Oh, BTW the Program is now only 10 bucks!

"Yep, it was $44 and then I sold it for $37.77 but now I am sick of people ripping off e-book customers with pricey, flashy ad campaigns and have decided that if you found this site you have the right to a great product at a great price.  I say buy this and and any other jump program sold through clickbank and compare them.  Return the one you dont like, there are no questions asked, you just email clickbank and they refund your money.  Compare this to the other programs that charge you +$40.  Listen just follow the program, its not magic (though it may seem that way sometimes), you will get results." ~Jay

It's not like other programs...Learn to avoid the devastating mistakes.  80% of programs are dead wrong in their training philosophy
Getting results is not about endless routines and thousands of jumps.  THIS WILL NOT WORK!  It's about the right movements, in the right number, using the right progression.  It's about working smart and not just hard.  Minimal effort for maximum gains.  That's what you are looking for.

What Are You Looking For?

I know you don't care about other peoples testimonials, or 100% money back guarantees.  Those things are good, and I offer them, but that's not what matters to you.  You just want a program that cuts through the BS and makes it as easy as possible to add inches to your vertical leap, and increase your agility. 

The truth is you are going to have to work to reach your goals...any program that tells you otherwise is dead wrong.  But if you are going to put the in the effort you want to see results quickly.  You need a step by step program so you can just concentrate on jumping higher.  You need a proven program that takes all of the guess work out of the equation.  That is what I do!  That is what Power Vertical is!

If you currently  aren't getting you the results you want, you can change that. The technique is simple, it takes work but it can be even more powerful than you've ever dreamed.

Power Vertical Offers Sport-Specific
Programs for the Following Sports:


Power Vertical Intro From Jay Bryce

Date: June 22nd, 2012

Relevant Note (so you know I'm a real person who will answer your questions and be there for support): I am no huge Lebron fan but give him his props he played out of his mind, put the Heat on his back and won the championship.

From Desk of: Jay Bryce (Power Vertical Creator and Owner)

Dear Athlete,

Are you frustrated with not making consistent vertical leap gains?
Do you want a vertical that will get you noticed & improve your game? 
Are you fed up with all the conflicting vertical information available?

Power Vertical Sport Specific Training is helping athletes from all over the world get explosive an vertical leap.  Since my programs have been offered online, over 1700 athletes from at least 11 countries have benefited from the Power Vertical training systems.  These athletes have reported massive gains in  their vertical leap, and massive reductions in their sprint times.  Athletes have even reported gains of over 6 inches in just 30 training days.

There are literally dozens of critical, but overlooked, factors that can make or break your success. Do you know what they are?  Can you afford to guess?

Why leave your success to chance, when you can virtually
Guarantee Huge Gains Every Time - For Every Athlete.

I'm going to take you by the hand and share the special "toolbox" of techniques, and step-by-step blueprints that I use to get shocking results every time for my athletes.  Most athletes who come to this site have tried multiple jump programs and gimmicks in the past, and are looking for something different.  While it is true that there is no super duper secret magic formula  there is a difference between programs...some work and some are just a waste of time. 

My passion is empowering athletes to realize their dreams.  I leave no stone unturned as I walk you through the maze of vertical leap training, where the prize at the end is an explosive vertical leap, and amazing agility that is specific to your sport.
Other programs for sale on the internet lump together a few exercises, give you a couple of rep counts, and send you on your way.  I can guarantee that you won't get the gains you are looking for by following one of those cookie cutter programs.  Most athletes can do a program and add 2-4 inches, it is taking the next steps from 4-8 and 8-12 that is very difficult.  These jumps require you to do specific exercises at specific times in a specific sequence.  POWER VERTICAL will show you these steps and guide you through everything you need to do in your life to see these types of explosive results.
Many of the programs for sale online are designed for only one sport, or do not mention specific sports at all.  The truth is, while there are many movements similar to all sports, any serious athlete should also be focusing on the movements specific to their sports.  VLT has studied these movements and incorporated them into the main POWER VERTICAL program.  Unlike other programs POWER VERTICAL gives you all of the specific sports routines in one program.  That's like getting 8 programs for the price of 1.  Get explosive vertical leap and agility training for all of the sports listed below.  Take a look at the site and learn more about the program.  When you're ready to buy make sure you don't wait so you are guaranteed to take advantage of the special internet only price.  Join the thousands of other athletes who have taken advantage of this Money Back Guaranteed vertical leap and agility training phenomenon.

The truth is you can't fail.  As you read this web site you'll hear about all the athletes that have doubled their vertical leap, knocked 3/4 of a second off their 40, or received an athletic scholarship.  Yeah, those things happen...but lets be honest, not to everyone.  What about the other athletes I don't talk about?  Well the truth is they also see results, big results.  Adding even 5-6 inches to your vertical leap takes you from barely touching the rim to dunking off either foot with two hands.  I have less than 2% of people return this program for a refund because they are unhappy with results.  So while you might not double your vertical like some people report to me you will see results that will astound you.

Become one of the 1000's of athletes in 47 states and 11 countries that I have helped massively increase their vertical leap. 

Find out what some of them had to say here

To learn more about 1 on 1 or group training click here

Jay Bryce
Power Vertical Creator and Owner

These Are The Expensive Items That You Don't Need In Order To Get The Vertical You Have Always Wanted...

Expensive Platform Shoes.
Special Equipment.
Exclusive Personal Trainer.
Worthless Supplements.
Costly Weighted Clothing.
Conflicting Advice.
Long Hours at the Gym.

...And the Programs Not For You If You...

Jump out of the gym and don't want to jump higher.
Have amazing agility and don't want to get quicker.
Have an athletic scholarship and don't want to get better.
Want to sit on your couch eating chips and playing video games.

Power Vertical programs walk you step-by-step through everything you need to do in order to get that sky high vertical you have a
lways wanted.  Don’t waste your money on useless gimmicks, the truth is if you follow the easy principles and proven movements shown in Power Vertical you will get unbelievable results.

What you do need is a user friendly, easy to follow, proven vertical leap enhancement program that can give you an explosive vertical leap in less time, and with less investment than anything on the market today.

If you want these all of these things then POWER VERTICAL can help you reach these incredible but realistic goals.


**pictures for illustration purposes only no special equipment needed with Power Vertical

Power Vertical

First and Foremost… an Explosive Vertical Leap

But that’s not all.  Why train with “one method fits all” programs that don’t offer you Sport Specific training?  Sport Specific training focuses on the muscles you need to excel in your sport and leaves you with…

Ridiculous Agility
Blazing Speed: Slash that 40 time
An absurdly fast first step
Increased core strength
Increased flexibility
Increased foot speed
Increased body control
Increased lung capacity
Increased muscle tone
Increased confidence
Improved Achilles elasticity
Improved cardio endurance
and much more

    The Program Includes...

    An all inclusive manual for Sport Specific vertical training.  Get programs for 8 sports all for one low price.


    The 5 most vital aspects of jump training. 
      • If you don’t know these 5 simply rules you won’t see the results you are looking for 
      Personalized training programs.
        • No two athletes are alike.  You need to optimize results by using a program that designs YOUR routine around YOUR strength and weaknesses, it is the only way you will see targeted results.

        Proactive testing.
          • As stated above each athlete is different and needs to focus on different aspects of jump training in order to get the most out of it.  Power Vertical tests you to see what where you should start and where you should focus your energy.  This way you aren’t wasting time doing movements that aren’t helping, you are doing movements that instantly target the muscles you need to increase your vertical leap.  

          Less time equals better results.
            • We have targeted the best exercises for a core program and the best exercises for a sport specific program and put them into the program.  Exercises that didn’t work, or even worked ok have been left out.  Power Vertical gives you the exercises you need to get the results you want in as little time as possible.  Workout 30 mins twice a week and you will get the results you want.

            The most effective ways to increase these 5 key areas of jump & agility training.

            General Strength
            Range of Motion
            Maximum Speed & Power
            Speed of Movement
            Reactive Training

            How your current leaping style can affect your training.
              • Find out why you are a two foot or one foot jumper and how that affects the type of training you should be doing.
              Off-season, Preseason, and In season training.
                • Power Vertical gives you programs for all of these different times of year.  You don’t do the same training in the off-season as you do once the season starts.
                The low down on training aids, and program gimmicks
                  • Get the information you need to make informed decisions about weighted clothing, platform shoes, supplements, and much more.
                  What is your absolute potential?
                  • Want to know what your max vertical leap can be if you stick to the training?  Learn what potential you have locked in your limbs by examining your length, body type, bone structure, and how genes play a roll in determining your max leap.

                  And so much more including...

                  • Body composition (how you can make it work for you), fast twitch vs. slow twitch (what is the real key to success?), multiple categories of plyometric training (one type is not enough), what your weak points are and how to fix them fast, plus many more interesting and important aspects for successful jump training.

                  There is Still So Much More
                  Continue reading to learn all of the details!

                  "I Have Helped Thousands of Regular People Just Like You Transform Their Athletic Ability and Change Their Lives...and Now So Can You."


                  "Jay, obviously this pic I sent in isnt me.  It is the great half man half amazing VC.  That said I swear to go I jumped over a guy and dunked on him this season exactly like this...well the guy wasnt 7 feet but you know what I'm saying.  It was crazy!!  Thanks for the program, I'll do it again in the summer and maybe when I dunk on someone again I'll get a real pic this time and send it in"
                     ~Cole Richards

                  "Thanks for the program power vert.  My kids won two tournaments and made it to the city finals this year.  I added the principles of your program to their traininga and it really paid off.  I know it added a real sense of purpose and motivation, and they love jumping higher"
                     ~Ridgemont High Senior Boys Volleyball
                       Coach Piakowski

                  "I didn't used to be able to touch the rim.  Pathetic for 6"1.  Now I can grab it with jeans and running shoes great"
                      ~Steve Williams

                  "Check out this picture from my local paper of me leaping over a pile of defenders on the goal line...and it was for the winning touchdown.  My 40 is better, flexibility is up, and I'm stronger.  Thanks for everything."
                      ~Ryan Bryson, Mount Holly Cougers

                  "Thanks Jay the program is great.  Added 8.5 inches to my vert.  The kids at the basketball camp I work at love that I can dunk over them.  Great Program"
                      ~Brad McCabe


                  "Many People Overlook the Most Important Details of Vertical Leap Training...I Will Explain Every Last Detail of the Formula So  You Can Get Amazing Results Starting On Your First Day!"

                  Get Powerful Information Like...

                  The mind to muscle connection & how to strengthen that bond.
                  Learn the secret training methods that NBA & NFL players use.
                  Learn why most US trainers don't teach the "real" plyometrics.
                  What  is your body fat & what it needs to be instead.
                  Perfecting your jumping technique.
                  How to make your body think it was naturally born to jump high.
                  How to make progress every session and not burn out.
                  Why flexibility is important and how to obtain it quickly.
                  What are the other programs so called "secrets" and why they aren't.
                  How to handle interruptions in your training.
                  How to handle injury.
                  How to maintain your hard fought vertical leap gains.
                  How to stay motivated.
                  Why over training is maybe the worst thing you can do.

                  These Great Bonuses Also Included...

                  Body weight only program. For those without access to a gym.
                  Fully diagrammed explanations.  You never guess the technique.
                  Workout routine training sheets.  Don't carry a bulky binder anymore.
                  Exercise cheat sheet. Every exercise on one easy to carry page.
                  Full satisfaction guaranteed.  If you don't like it you get your money back.
                  Lifetime email training help.  You have questions? I'm here to help.
                  Lifetime program updates.
                  Much more.

                  For Less Than the Cost of…

                  1. Most other reputable Online Vertical Leap Programs
                  2. One session with an expensive personal trainer.
                  3. Or even a month membership to one of those fancy hi-tech fitness centers…

                  You Can Finally Stop Wasting Your

                  Precious Time &

                  Hard Earned Money

                    & Add Vertical and Agility Faster Than Ever Before.

                    1. It's your time to feel what it's like to turn heads due to your athletic ability.
                    2. You can be the one that gets the attention for doing phenomenal things.
                    3. The self confidence and respect is there for the taking.
                    4. Scholarships and athletic awards are obtainable.

                    "Are You Convinced Yet?  Are You Ready To Step Behind The Curtain and Find Out How To Get That Sky High Vertical? Here is the deal"


                    I have some amazing news for you! Since I recently started offering Power Vertical as an e-book package, and there are no longer any printing or shipping costs, I was able to drastically reduce the regular price on the entire system from $147 all the way down to a one time payment of just $69.95!  But I know times are tough right now and even at that reduced price you still may need a better deal.  So because I know everyone needs the best deal they can get these days I am offering the entire program for a limited time for only $43.77.  I am listening to what my customers are saying.  With all the recent success of the program I have been able to further reduce the price to 10 bucks!  That's over 70% off the regular price.

                    Not only that, but you don’t have to wait 5-7 days for it to arrive, either. You can download the whole thing and get started in the next 10 minutes. You also get

                    Free Updates for Life
                    Whenever I Make Any Changes to the Program!

                    But don’t wait to order because this amazing price will not last long and will be going up to $147 very soon. This information is just too life changing to be giving away for so cheap. Those who have visited my site recently know that the price has already been raised so don’t procrastinate and miss out on this opportunity. If you come back tomorrow the price may have doubled.

                    And oh, yeah… just because I am so sure that you will experience mind blowing gains and will be so happy with your results I am offering you the ability to… 

                    Try Power Vertical FREE for 60 Days

                    -100% Money Back Guarantee-

                    I’m so confident that you will love this program and experience amazing results from it, that I’m willing to give you your money back if you aren’t entirely satisfied!  There’s absolutely no risk on your part, whatsoever!

                    Try out the entire system for up to 60 days, and if you’re not totally ecstatic about it then I want you to write and tell me and I will give you a prompt, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% full refund.

                    I can do this because all of my athletes are gaining vertical faster than they ever dreamed possible. And I know you will too!

                    Save 70% Now

                    Get over 70% off Power Vertical - The vertical leap and agility super system.  Each sport specific program is guaranteed to give you explosive vertical and increased agility.

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                    (limited time internet only offer)

                    $10 internet special is an instant access e-book.  No shipping & handling charges, unlimited printing, clipboard ready training sheets, and the ability to start right away are benefits.  S&H charges apply for all hard copies mailed to the purchaser. 

                    *pictures for illustration purposes only no special equipment needed with Power Vertical

                    Power Vertical gives you the training you need with
                    no special accessories needed and no access to a gym needed
                    only some open space and the will to jump higher.

                    If you want instant access to Power Vertical so you can get in on the results that 1000’s have athletes from dozens of countries have experienced all for just $10 then just click below.  Don’t forget this program is fully guaranteed to satisfy or your money back.  Click below to get instant access through Click Bank, America’s most trusted digital e-book provider.  This is a digital product.  Once you purchase the program you can print and view the program at will.  This format allows you to have clipboard ready training sheets, none of those pesky shipping and handling charges, unlimited copies, and most important...the ability to get started right away. 

                    The $7.77 price is an introductory internet special. 
                    The price is not valid for hard copies of the program, and is subject to change without notice.

                    Contact Information

                    Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the program.  I am here to help.

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